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I am SO grateful for Barb’s class! I passed my real estate exam with 90% and am utterly blown away with the results. Barb’s teaching helped provide me with a solid foundation for study and strategy as I prepared to write the exam. Her passion for this industry and education is evident in her approach. Her positive, helpful, joyful demeanor was (and is) so greatly appreciated! Barb was always approachable, available and willing to help with troublesome areas of study and she was a HUGE source of encouragement - before, during and after the course! Besides passing the exam, one of my biggest and most valuable takeaways was the “study-group-become-friends” that formed though our in-class connection. Thank you for everything!

~ Heidi Evans - REALTOR® Nanaimo BC


I can’t encourage other prospective students enough to utilize the knowledge and expertise that Barbara has to offer! I would not have realized a score of 88% on my licensing exam on the first try without her tutorial course. The legal and math concepts are broken down into easy to understand, step by step concepts that will not only equip you with the necessary knowledge but gives you a sense of confidence to walk into your exam feeling like you really truly have “got this” – a no brainer recommendation to anyone pursuing their Real Estate Licence! Thanks Barb!

~ Sommer Fernandes - REALTOR® Victoria, BC


I find the videos really helpful to break down the big picture of each chapter. For example: I watched your video on chapter 5, and without notes or anything, did the 20 question assignment and got 16/20. Considering I didn't study or re-read the material but just watched your video and then did the assignment. I timed myself too and did it all in 27 minutes and my goal is 1.5 minutes per question on average for the exam so that was under 30 minutes which is good.

~ K. Huculak, Nanaimo, BC


My Real Estate" has been a blessing! Barbara succinctly breaks down the most pertinent information from each chapter and employs helpful acronyms to easily remember important phrases or words. I found I had reached a peak in the course material and watching Barbara's videos immediately improved my practice testing scores. I highly recommend for any student who feels they've plateaued and need help making sense of some of the material, thanks Barb!

~ B. Mounsey, Nanaimo, BC


After completing all my assignments in the Trading service Course, I did not feel confident enough to carry on to the next step “THE EXAM”. I studied on my own for a while but was not following any pattern, I felt as if I was wasting time. I signed up with Barb's course and she was able to give me the structure I needed. Within a couple of weeks my “math worries “were gone.  Her system of flashcards will help your memorization of all the language and meaning of terms.

I wrote the Exam feeling confident within a few days after her last class. It went very well finishing 45 minutes early with 90%.

Thanks again Barb for helping me with this exciting career change, I could not have done it without you.

~ Brian McQuhae, REALTOR® - Vancouver Island, BC


As a person working full time with a young toddler at home, changing careers was a very daunting task. The classes instructed by Barbara McNicholls allowed me to fast track my preparation for the exam by focusing on the key concepts necessary to understand and pass the material. Not only did I pass but even after only six months from enrolling in the trading services course, I achieved a very satisfactory mark of 85%.

I highly recommend this program not only for people in a similar position but anyone that wants to guarantee they will be prepared come time to write the test.

~ Evan Schroeder, REALTOR® Re/Max of Nanaimo


I took Barbara McNicholl’s Real Estate Tutoring course and found it to be very beneficial. Barbara does an excellent job of identifying the most examinable topics of the Real Estate Trading Services Course and ensuring that you have a clear & detailed understanding of each of those items. Not only is she an excellent teacher, but the course materials were extremely helpful to me.   I went into the exam with 100% confidence that I was prepared and I passed my exam with flying colors.  I definitely could not have done it without her!  (I passed with 88%!)

~ Ashley Metcalf (Heppell), REALTOR® Re/Max of Nanaimo


Math was never my strong suit. I struggled with math in the course material for months before I met Barbara.  Three weeks into the tutorial, the math chapters were my strongest areas. I was doing interest rate conversions with my eyes closed. The tutorial focuses on the underlying topics which the exam is based on. The notes and flashcards were an incredible help.  The areas we focused on in the course were the areas that were on the exam. I found it also created a level of confidence walking into that exam room, which personally, made a big difference in my overall outcome.  I passed with an 85%.

Thanks Barb! I could not have done it without you!

~ Kate Philpott, REALTOR® Re/Max of Nanaimo


 Barbara's course was great.  It was awesome having the information simplified and the direction to know what areas to concentrate on.  Also, it kept me accountable to finish chapters at the pace of the course, I definitely would not have passed the exam as soon as I did without her help!

~ Julien Prevost, REALTOR®  Re/Max of Nanaimo


Your class was amazing, it covered the important topics and really helped me know how to study and how best to use my time! If it weren’t for your course I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to write for another couple months and I am not sure I would have been able to do it my first try!  Thanks again for everything!

~ Jenny Robin, REALTOR®  Re/Max of Nanaimo


Hey Barb, I just wanted to let you know both Blaine and I passed our RE exam yesterday!!!! I got 90%! I’m so excited! THANK GOD! The trip to Vancouver was expensive and traumatic so I’m glad we don’t have to do that again!

Thank you for the help, especially with the law stuff. There were a couple of questions on the exam that I heard your voice repeating things in my head and that was very helpful. I’m an auditory learner so that was awesome for me.  Thanks again and enjoy your summer!

~ Michelle and Blaine Thurlow -  REALTOR®  Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC


"If you want to pass, this is your answer"

I was a skeptic when it came to looking into online tutor services.  I wanted the real thing not videos online, but Barb won me over and I decided to sign up for her monthly subscription. To sum up my experience is simple, I would not have passed without Barbara’s help. Yes the videos were pre recorded, but Bárbara’s wide knowledge into the deep knocks and crannies of the textbook brought all the pieces together.

She was always just an email away and quickly responded to any questions I had throughout my use of her services. She orchestrated the course with perception, understanding and a sound method to make the information stick.

If you are wavering at all to invest your time into a tutor or into this course at all I would not think twice. If you want to pass, this is your answer. 

Thanks again!!! 

Cassandra Askew, Re/Max Camosun

June 2022

" has been a blessing, the instructor Barbara succinctly breaks down the most pertinent information from each chapter and employs helpful acronyms to easily remember important phrases or words. I found I had reached a peak in the course material and watching Barbara's videos immediately improved my practice testing scores. I highly recommend for any student who feels they've plateaued and need help making sense of some of the material. 

Your course was a life saver – I’m so glad I passed on the first go!  Thanks Barb!"


- Brandon Mounsey

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May 2022 - Another success story,..

"My exam date was coming up quickly and I was feeling disorganized and a bit confused about the course content.  Thankfully I signed up for My Real Estate Teacher about 2.5 months before my first attempt at the exam and I passed! 

I don't think I would have been able to pass on my first try without Barb's course.  She broke down the chapters into short and easy videos that highlighted the most important information in a clear and concise way.  I also highly enjoyed the PDFs of the notes included with the videos.  I would recommend the My Real Estate Teacher course to everyone and anyone looking to get licensed; it helped focus my studying immensely."

Jaclyn Childs,

Re/Max - Mill Bay

Vancouver Island, BC