Master Class: Live!

These weekly Zoom sessions are guaranteed to help you pass the BC Real Estate Exam. Each week we'll review the legal and mathematical concepts of specific chapters in a way that makes them understandable.

I focus on what matters so you can focus on what you need to do to PASS

You’ll also receive:

  • Pre-printed notes sent to you prior to each class to help keep you organized
  • Mini quizes each week for review purposes (in class)
  • 10 Practice Exams divided by chapter - comes with detailed answer guides to help you review.
  • Free Flashcard App: download +450 definitions onto your iPhone so you can study any time, anywhere. Learn the language before you write the exam!
  • A Bonus Video - "Study Techniques and Exam Writing Tips
  • 25% off 6 month subscription to Master Class Videos (15 Law and 10 Math videos)
  • Ask question! I'll personally answer all your questions any time through text, email or phone. I’m always here to help!