Tip #2 for Successful Studying


The brain is divided into 2 parts; the left side is your logical side (numbers, analysis, etc.) and the right side is your creative side (imagination, colors, images, etc.). Learning how to utilize both while studying can at the very least double your ability to understand and remember the material!  

How do you use imagery and color while taking notes? There is a powerful and effective study technique called ‘Mind Mapping’, which essentially reduces your notes into an image, similar to a road map, but all on one page.  Instead of pages and pages of notes, you end up with a single page per chapter, and you will know without a doubt that all the information in that chapter is summarized on that one page.  Better yet, with mapping, you can review an entire chapter in 10 minutes, memorize the map, and recall it during an exam!  It’s extremely time productive and will give you a huge boost of confidence when entering the exam room. 

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