Tip #3 for Successful Studying

Tip #3 TAKE BREAKS – Without Guilt! 

Studies on Neurological Research show that students have a higher level of recall at the beginning of every study session as well as at the end. What happens to the middle part? Retention of information drops-off at a rate of almost 85%! The solution? Have more beginnings and ends!  In other words, take breaks every 20 – 40 minutes (without guilt!). By taking breaks, your retention level stays much higher because there is very little room in the middle for the ‘drop off’.  

Have you ever studied for an entire day, and at the end of the day you had a feeling of ‘non-accomplishment’?  With breaks, you know you only have a set time to study, so you can effectively and efficiently plan your day into sections (ie. designate 30 minutes to one specific chapter to study before taking a break and moving on to something new). You’ll end up with much better focus during each study session and your time will be much more productive.

Note: Make sure your breaks are productive time too! Get active, go outside, get some fresh air, and drink 8 oz of water. You’ll get some much-needed oxygen to your brain, hydrate your body and keep yourself fit instead of just sitting all day.