Tip #6 for Successful Studying

Tip #6 Do's and Don'ts 

DO: Memorize your Definitions. The real estate course is packed with legal and mathematical information. There are approximately 400 new words or terms to learn. That’s about the same amount needed to have a “working knowledge of a 2nd language”, which means you could go to another country, get a job and probably get along just fine. If you haven’t learned the definitions in the real estate course it can be like writing an exam in a 2nd language. That you haven’t learned yet! You can either make up your own definition cards or, to save time you can check out my 'Real Estate Exam Prep App’ which has over 400 definitions that you can access on your smartphone and study anytime, anywhere. Check it out at “My Real Estate Teacher.com”

DON’T: Memorize exam questions. Don’t waste time memorizing multiple-choice questions! It can give you a false sense of security! Those sample questions are provided to you as a guide to see how well you know the material in the textbook. You may only recognize a few of them on the exam if any!   If you do a practice exam and you don’t do well, go back to your books and study more. If you do well, then you’re probably ready to write. If you spend the same amount of time reading the textbook as you would memorizing exam questions you’ll do far better on the final exam.